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Beacon Hill Academy

What are the children like?

Our learners are genuinely the best. They have made me laugh, made me cry, made me happy and frustrated, but above all they are so unique and individual that I look forward to coming to work everyday. There is never a dull moment at the school and learners of all levels, abilities and backgrounds are made to feel as welcome as each other - that's what makes this school and its learners special

Learners are well mannered and respectful. Developing strong professional relationships is key to enhancing the progress of our learners. Learners are very accepting of each other, the diversity of learners backgrounds, religion, ethnicity etc is celebrated and supported.

No one class is the same at BHA - each class consists of a group of wonderfully unique learners! I always make a big effort to build relationships with each and every learner as I know that getting to know them is key to making a difference. There is such a variety of personalities at BHA, and this makes everyone special!

Beacon Hill Academy learners are one of a kind, they are loyal and protective of one another. Relationships are key, our learners value being able to trust key adults to ensure they feel safe at school.

Our learners are bubbly, charismatic and enjoy school. They are down-to-earth and humble with big dreams and are determined to reach them.

Learners at BHA are charismatic, loyal and eager to learn. Across the school, students face many adversities and are keen to build relationships with staff to further encourage and support their well-being and learning.

Why do you like working here?

I think that Beacon Hill Academy is a great place to work. Yes it has its challenges, as do all work places, but each day there is always something that lifts the spirits. From a shy learner answering a question for the first time in class, the pride a learner has from completing a practical task that they have never been done before or the knowledge that the staff at the school have made a difference in some ones life each day. Being a staff member means you are part of the team or family.

A strong, supportive team of staff. Staff go the extra mile to enhance the learners life chances. This is a school where you can really make a difference.

I enjoy coming to work at BHA every day for many reasons. Firstly, I love being able to use my language skills and imparting that knowledge to others. Secondly, I have never worked as part of such an amazing team as I do now in the MFL department. Everyone is supportive, friendly and always encouraging. And last, but not least, I enjoy the times when I feel that I have made a difference to one or some of our learners. That may be in a lesson, with my form or by just keeping an eye out for them. I am extremely proud of the lengths we go to at BHA to support our learners with education and well-being.

I have been here for 12 years and I absolutely love it here, there is a real community theme where everyone supports one another whether that be teachers or learners.

I like working at BHA for many reasons. The staff are exceptional - their knowledge and experience is second-to-none and they don't hesitate to share this with newer members of staff. I have been made to feel at home here, including by the learners, who are the best part of every day.

I feel that the support from staff has ensured a secure and settled start to my career. The help and encouragement I have received from staff and students has been invaluable and I look forward to seeing what opportunities become available for me in the future.