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Policies & Procedures

As part of establishing a shared vision across the Trust with clear and consistent expectations we are pursuing a variety of policy and work practice reviews. This is providing an opportunity for us to identify and reform any misaligned policies across the Trust ensuring consistency and regulatory compliance.

All policies and procedures are approved by the Dudley Academies Trust Board of Trustees.

For policies that are applicable across the Academies within Dudley Academies Trust please click the relevant link below:

For Academy specific documentation (CEIAG, Pupil Premium, SEND, etc), please click the applicable link below:

Beacon Hill Academy

Beacon Hill Academy

Beacon Hill Academy

Beacon Hill Academy

The following draft policy is due to be submitted for approval at the upcoming Dudley Academies Trust Board of Trustees meeting on 18/10/2019:

  • Child Protection and Safeguarding

Should you require any further information on policies and procedures across the Trust please contact Rebecca Meacham, Safeguarding & Compliance Officer via 01384 363158 or email

Approved policies and procedures are as follows: