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Meet the Team

To discover more about any of our Central Team colleagues, click their image.

Executive Colleagues

  • Jo Higgins

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Kevin Tranter

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Lorraine Grinham

    Chief Finance Officer

Teaching Colleagues

  • Jane Bayley

    Director of MFL

  • Daniel Brittle

    Director of Technology

  • Guy Carpenter

    Lead Director of Mathematics

  • Amanda Conway-Price

    Director of Teaching & Learning

  • Jenna Markham

    Lead Director of English

  • Dawn Sutton

    Director of Science

  • Melanie Sturley

    Director of Reading

  • Harry Warburton

    Director of History

  • Lucy Williams

    Director of Primary (Blowers Green)

Our Finance Team

  • Koffy Makwana

    Management Accountant

  • Mary-Ann Randle

    Finance Officer

  • Rebecca Trevis

    Finance Officer

  • Jade Munday

    Purchase Ledger Clerk

  • Toby Spiteri-Butler

    Finance Apprentice

Our HR Team

  • Laura Round

    Senior HR Officer

  • Smeeta Jaswal

    HR Administrator

Our IT Team

  • Neil Marsh

    Senior IT Officer

  • Callum Corrigan

    IT Operations Officer

Other Associate Colleagues

  • Bonnie Jordan

    Marketing Manager & Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive

  • Rebecca Meacham

    Compliance Officer

  • Tom White

    Estates Manager

  • Paul Townsend

    Safeguarding & Inclusion Officer

  • Zoe Turton

    Senior Careers Officer

  • David Hassall

    Head of Data & Performance

Governance Colleagues

  • Lowell Williams

    Chair of the Board of Trustees

  • Gill Darwood

    Director of Corporate Governance

  • Annette Foster

    Corporate Governance Support Officer