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Century A.I.

Investing in the future: cutting edge technology

The Trust has purchased a state-of-the-art learning technology called ‘Century’.

Century is an artificial intelligence platform that is already being used by Year 11 learners and is now being rolled out to every year group. This is a big investment in your children’s education and a major step forward for the Trust and for education in Dudley.

Put simply, the software behind Century looks at how each child learns and sees what they know or don’t know, then it feeds them work that is suited to them personally. As they learn to answer more and more questions correctly, it increases the level of difficulty and continually challenges them to improve. It also tells their teachers exactly how well they are doing, so that the teachers can help them. This award-winning technology has been proven to work in practice in schools that are just like ours, and because it can be used at school or at home, parents will be able to join in with their children’s learning and track their progress.